Buzz Toy – Final Documentation

KJ Barr  |  Buzz Buzz – Wireless Toy

Buzz Buzz is an interactive toy that uses sound and vibration to indicate location. With Buzz Buzz a child has the opportunity to play hide and seek style game with a toy interaction.


This toy takes a spin off of the classic warmer warmer, cooler cooler, game. By using RF communication I was able to create Buzz Buzz. This toy is a bee hive and bee that contain two Arduinos. When the bee gets closer to the hive, the hive send a signal to the bee causing it to buzz and vibrate. This buzzing and movement is intended to be an indication to the player that they are getting closer to the hive. If they do not hear the buzz or feel the vibration then they know that they are not in the correct direction.

Check out this short video about Buzz Buzz


Iterations and Prior Art:


Future Directions: I feel that buzz buzz could be a very fun and exciting toy. In the future I would alter the toy slightly first by making the demographic much larger. I would address this first by changing the enclosure design for a more mature but still well designed enclosure. Secondly, I would add another element for a group dynamic. This element would communicate with other players bees creating a different swarming noise.


KJ Barr  |  Buzz Buzz – Wireless Toys