FEELING PRESENCE. Final Project documentation.


Personal messages can and should be communicated through an exponential with meaning. The way we perceive time, structure our time and react to time is a powerful communication tool and helps set the stage for communication. I wanted to make a wireless communication situation that would exist in a monochronic time. This means that things are done one at a time and time is segmented into precise, small units.

In Feeling Presence, I wanted to promote positive thinking amongst little girls. It is a communication system for a young girl, age 4 to 8 and her mom. The users I had in mind is a child who just recently started pre-school and misses her mom and a young working mom.Feeling presence consists of a belt and purse for mom and a soft toy-like purse for the little girl. The buttons on the girl’s purse, proud, happy and kind send messages to mom’s belt. The light on the receiving end corresponds to the message sent. Blue for proud, yellow for kind and red for happy.

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