Wireless Toys Final / Thesis work

I ended up deciding to combine my wireless toys final with my thesis, and to explore more of the production aspects of my lamps.  This project is called Prisms, and its a series of small foldable lamps, that change color depending on how they are folded.

My video is here:

While the lamps worked well for a gallery installation, I still feel they’re too fragile and time consuming to be mass produced.  So I decided to start looking at other ways I could create them that would be faster and more reliable.  The first thing I investigated was getting pieces of Acrylic laser cut with where the circuit needed to go, so that I could either paint or embed the circuitry into the engraved areas of the acrylic.

I also worked on designing a different PCB from the one I’m currently using.  Here is the current PCB:

and here is the new triangular pcb and flexible joint that I designed:

I also requested quotes for getting a batch order of PCBs (with the triangle being rigid and the joint being flexible) to be printed and populated from the following 6 places:

but I only got two responses and only one quote.  Heres the quote I got:

It was interesting exploring the production side of this project, I’m still not sure if PCBs if the direction I’d like to go, but I’m glad I explored it.  Also, here is a link to the presentation I made in class.