Maker Faire

My favorite projects at Maker Faire were from T4D Lab, The Thumby War from Maker Twins, Tangible Lights, the Largest Home Brew 3D printer, the iPhone robot, Graffiti fone and the singing heads.

T4D Lab was in the sustainable area.  There projects were used mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa where information travel can be a problem.  They developed very simple real world solutions to problems using Arduino.  One is the Mobile Soil Moisture Monitoring System.  He had a simple example to use with the potted plant but he explained that they could easily be made much larger for fields.  When water is scarce this is a very important device to have.  They also developed a simple monitoring systems that alerts you if the temperature in a temperature-regulated box changes at all.  I love how simple and practical their projects are and what a big impact they can potentially have on these populations.

Graffiti fone is from SENSORSTAR Labs and it turns a smartphone into a virtual paint can on a projection wall.  I think this is a fun idea but could also progress into even more interesting projects.  For example, could you use this technology to create a laser pointer of sorts for PowerPoint presentations?  I also wonder how this would work on a very large scale – projecting during a concert or a halftime event.

I also liked the Lumiphonic Creature Choir Synarcade Audio-Visuals.  When a note was played on a keyboard a corresponding face opened its eyes and sung.  I found the aesthetic very fun to watch and it drew me in.  I’m not sure what purpose this will serve other than entertainment but it was very entertaining!

Other cool stuff: