Maker Faire

Ryan Raffa’s RhythmSynthesis. The kids really liked it and it was very simple to understand and play with.

Farm Hack

I love re-purposed “junk”.

Huge Arduino! I thought this was really cool because you could see all the little parts of Arduino that you wouldn’t be able to see at its normal size. This makes the electronic feel really approachable and friendly. It works too!

This analog digital interface of this is interesting. You can record the rotations you want the motor to perform on the computer by moving either the potentiometer-dial or the vertical bars. I thought it was a bit novel for the radial movements to be translated to a Y-axis. The thing that I didn’t really like about this was that the whole kit’s purpose (“full 360° rotation”) is a little narrow. You can probably do some awesome stuff with just that but I think it would be more awesome if they included other motions in their kit.