MidTerm Assignment, A “Simon Says Style Game”

In this 3-week assignment, make a “Simon Says” Style Memory Game.

Game Design Specs:
This is a memory game.  A light/sound pattern is presented. The user copies that pattern. After a successful copy, the pattern gets longer. As the game progresses, the speed of the pattern presented increases. There is a conclusion of the game, Win or Lose.

Physical Specs:
ON/OFF POWER SWITCH  [toggle switch]
4 LED’s
4 Momentary Switches
Battery Pack
A physical enclosure to hold all.

Vision and Enclosure Homework:
3 Sketches, or Image Mock-up “Blue Sky Idea”, or Vision of the Physical form.
3 Photo Found or Off Shelf Enclosures That you can “Tool”

Publish Images on Blog BEFORE class, and present these 6 images in class.

Sound Design Homework:
1)  Make 3 Start-up Sound and light effect
2)  Make 3 “You are Correct!” sound effect.
3)  Make 3 “You are Wrong, you Dummy” sound effects.
4)  Make 3 “You Lose, Shame on you and your family” sound effects.
5)  Make 3 “You Win the Game Cheer or Effect”.

Put these 15 (total) distinct tones into one Sketch, present them in class.