Beat Simon

So my ideas all revolve on beating Simon… literally.

Step-on Simon

Based on the dance mats like Dance Dance Revolution. I propose the Step-On Simon game. I found a guy that made a mat for about 8 dollars, just using wood, ducktape and switches ( So I think it’s pretty doable!



Punch Simon

A boxing training/memory game. It would need an upper body mannequin (made of foam, cause the Body Opponent Bag is too expensive!!!), and a sturdy base. Also it would have to use some sort of soft circuit sensors. It would illuminate where you have to punch Simon.


Whack Simon

Based on the whac-a-mole arcade game, you would smack with a toy hammer the sequence that the Simon game provides. The enclosure I was thinking of using a wood box, drill holes in it, and put small bouncy balls (or other type of balls) with switches.


Code in Github: . Got some sweet melodies with the help of my brother (who’s an awesome guitarist).