Makers Fair / Who am I and first toy

——————Who I’m ———————-
1) I’m originally from New York City and  attended the University of Colorado at Boulder from 2004-2008. I graduated with a  B.A. in Anthropology, B.A.H. in art history and a certificate in Technology Arts and Media. I worked as a middle school special education teacher through Teach for America in Denver from 2008-2010. I moved to Chicago in 2010 and worked as a teacher and then at Groupon under the entrepreneurial in residence. Last year I attended the Harvard Graduate school of Education’s Mind, Brain and Education program which is the study of cognitive neuroscience and earned a EdM.
2) I’m interested in creating interactive technology that supports positive cognitive development during specific periods of growth.
3) My favorite toys are pin ball machines specifically a guns and roses version I used to play with my dad.
————————First Toy —————————

——————-Makers Fair—————————

The first project I looked at was called speaking in tongues by John Driscoll. It used a piece of silver aluminum foil that spinned. This piece used a small motor to spin the foil. There were two sensors that read the surface of the foil. Each craves the sensor reads would make a different sound. The artist was really nice and wanted to help me in the future with my work.

The second project I was looking at was interesting because it was similar to a project Tiam and I were trying to figure out for Major studio. This project was a small proto-type that the artists plan to implement on the scale of a large room. Although we thought this project used EL wires they simulated an EL wire effect by using fiber optic cable and putting one LED at the top. Then the light from the LED illuminated the rest of the tube.

The last project that caught my eye was the EXP. Ins. X. project. This piece used touch interaction with sound. As you touched the sensors. Images were also produced in reaction to the sound. I’m interested in using sound so this piece fascinated me.