Simon Says : Design, iterations, testing and code


—————First Sketches—————-

Idea 1: 

Here is the first idea. I know there are only 3 cylinders and their needs to be four. Each tube would be filled with water. Below the tube in a dry area is a LED light that illuminates the enclosed water. These tubes are situated within a clear box. Half way down the box is slightly froster. Here will be 4 buttons associated with the color and sound. In this area in the box the lights, speakers, and other hardware is all hidden.

Idea 2:

Pcomp Notes (3)

Idea 3:

A large clear box with original size light bulbs as seen below.

Shopping at the container store:

Container store


——————–Iteration # 1————————


User tester 1 “it’s too fast!”

User tester 2 “its too hard!”


———————————Iteration #2———————————

Changes Made / Final iteration:

  • made a start sound
  • slowed down the pattern and the sound
  • less levels



first Simon simon code Startsoundcode