Simon Say Style Game, Midterm, Deliverables

Hi All,

As discussed in class.  We are finishing off the Simon Says project this week.
For the next class you will present your “Simon Says Style Project”, along with a video of it.

The video should be 60-120 seconds long.  It should show 3 users using/playing with the project.  It should show interaction with your project start to finish. We should see how the interaction starts, how interaction is sustained, and how it ends.   The video should have two tiles, one with the projects name, one with your name.  Feel free to add more if you like, but those are the most basic requirements.  Try to have fun with the video and capture the essences of you work.

Note:  The video should be on the blog before class starts. If you are new to video, it’s acceptable to shoot this with a simple camera.  Use as much natural light as possible with low-end camera to get good results on video.  Many of you know Final Cut already, so if you do, that may be the fastest tool for you. But it’s totally fine to edit with YouTube’s editing tools.  YouTube does allow for title effects.  Post your final video on Vimeo or YouTube and Embed into your post.

Send any thoughts or questions you may have before then.