Wireless and Wireless Pulse Sensor

1)  To hook-up our RX and TX modules, read the KLP Walkthrough Tutorial pin read-out and photos in a breadboard.

2)  After Hooking up both of these.  Read the VirtualWire.pdf   starter guide.  Download the VirtualWire-1.9.zip library and unzip it in your Documents/Arduino/libraries/  folder.    With a restart of Arduino you’ll see it now pop-up in your available libraries and example sketches.

3) Try running this code.  Run the RX code on one Arduino.  The “transmitter_pcomp_class” and make sure both work. Then try the “PulseSensorAmped_Arduino_1dot1_wireless_pcomp_class” code with the Pulse Sensor hooked up to the TX Arduino.

Code: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/60949794/WirelessTX_RX_PComp_Class_Code.zip