PComp 2012 Final Project

Create a “design object” that shows a user’s heartbeat represented with Light, Sound, and/or Vibration.

Step 1:  Ideation  [Due Nov 30]

One concept can be for example: a glowing orb that flashes red with a user’s heartbeat.  The electronic “guts” are similar to what you’ve worked with on your Sound Toy.  Make 3 such ideas with a line drawing for each.  Emphasis the Role this design object has in a user’s life.

Step 2: Prototyping [Due Dec 7th]

Pick one of your role prototypes from step 1.  Make two more prototypes, a implementation prototype and a look and feel prototype.   Your implementation prototype to should demonstration the technical function for your final project.  The look and feel prototype should show the size, color, weight, and ideal form factor of your final project.

Step 3: Intergrated Prototype, Playtest, and Final Presentation [Due Dec 14th]

Combine your implementation prototype and look and feel prototype, into one working design object.  What 3 different end-users interact with it.  Take notes on what the interaction is, with particular emphasis on “what happened as you expected” and “what happened that you didn’t expect”.

Present final project, along with your Simon Says, to guest critics on Dec 14th.

Step 4: Documentation [Due Dec 21st]

Based on observations from play-testing and feedback at final critics, create a 90-120 video that demonstrates end-users interacting with your design object from start to finish.  The video should include slides with your name and your project’s name. This video should “show” and “tell” about our project to an audience that doesn’t know you and may never get a chance to see your project in their own hands.