Step 2: Prototyping

For my ideation I had very basic ideas, but I liked the toy one, so I went looking for one, and ended up finding something better! I finger puppet/fridge magnet of Nikola Tesla. So since he worked with wireless electricity, and we are working with wireless communication, I thought he’d be perfect. Also Kristen and Tiam did a project for Major Studio, and I really liked the flash effect from the lightning. My new idea is to make a didactic toy, in this case to explain kids about Tesla.

Nik (1)

Nik (2)

Nik (3)

Nik (4)

Nik (5)

Lightning + Tesla + Wireless toy Prototype from Jeannette Subero on Vimeo.

I would like to add a visual interface in processing with the information on Tesla that also reacts with the pulse sensor. I’m working on that! I want to add sound as well (thunders), but I’m still not sure whether to do it on processing or through the arduino.