Final Documentation – Overly Attached Monsters

“Overly Attached Monsters” is a pair of plush characters, tied to one another, in which I wanted to see embodied a heartbeat and a human-like reaction as empathy, affection and jealousy, to trigger some emotional reaction in the person interacting with them.

The interaction with the toy starts with the user wearing the pulse sensor and getting a clear read of his/hers heartbeat. The two cute little monsters are there waiting for their person. If the person playing with them takes one by its hand, the monster will get excited feeling the loving heartbeat of  its person and will start shaking at the rhythm of his/her heartbeat. The second monster, being overly attached to his little friend will have  jealous reaction.

For this project I decided to pair up the pulse sensor with the wireless modules and see how that could work with the creation of a character. At the beginning what i envisioned was something simpler and less interesting with only one character. Later the characters became two, and ironically the second would have a reaction to the first.

The two reactions happen only when the first monster gets its hand held, as a force resistor triggers the communication between the transmitter and the receiver. Then the moster with his hand hold starts shaking thanks to a vibration motor and the second one will get jealous and light up when his friend is shaking.

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