Nik Tesla – Final

Nik πŸ™‚

For the final project I decided to make an educational toy. Using a finger puppet/magnet of Nikola Tesla. I made an enclosure for the receiver part to simulate lightning, I ended up using 5 LEDs and the Knight Rider array in one direction to get the lightning effect, I also added sound that went up and down from 3 really low pitches at the same speed as the knight rider. For the transmitter part I used an enclosure that simulated Nikola Teslas’s Lab and the Tesla Tower (my initial idea was to use it as the actual antenna, but it turned out that by removing everything from the antenna pin I got better transmission).

Nik Tesla Wireless Toy from Jeannette Subero on Vimeo.

who took the class photo by the way?? can you upload it on the blog!! thanks.. happy holidays πŸ™‚