Mimic | Physical Computer Final


Mimic is an art piece which visualizes the cardiovascular system at work in the form of a kinetic sculpture, and draws a relation between heartbeat and mechanized components. As the the functions of our organs become more “outsourced” to implantable devices and electricity, we find more and more connection between the organic and the artificial. The valve is a perfect example of biomimicry.



in this sculpture, liquid is passed down through a funnel and rests at the valve, waiting to read the participant’s heartbeat. Once the pulse is read, the valve is activated and the liquid is released into an awaiting bowl. The participant can choose to sit down and gaze at the tubing sculpture (from an unintended “religious” angle), where the liquid is expelled, or stand and gaze down at the progressively darkening bowl.

Mimic from trytobegood on Vimeo.