Adiel Fernandez – Bio

I graduated undergrad in 2007 after studying physics and education. Before applying to DT, I worked at the New York Hall of Science where I taught students and teachers, developed curriculum and eventually designed exhibits. A few years ago I attended Maker Faire for the first time and learned about the whole DIY scene and started learning physical computing with arduino. I have a bit of experience working with arduino at this point and enjoy using it whenever I can. If you have any questions or need help, I am always happy to help out so feel free to pull me aside!

Physical computing is my main focus here at DT so I wanted to take this class to expand the different applications that are out there for p-comp type projects. Though I’m not terribly interested in making apps in iOS, I am looking forward to doing things via wifi/bluetooth. I look forward to making things of my own but also seeing the creative things everyone else does.

I dont know if I had a favorite toy as a kid, but I remember I used to play with hot wheels cars quite a bit, as well building things with legos. My favorite toy now, however is my 3D printer. Its a really cheap, low-end printer by Printrbot so it doesn’t print very well and I have been spending the last few months trying to get it to print decently and it has actually been kind of fun.