Daniela Gill / Bio

I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela. I got my B.F.A. Degree in Communication Design from Parsons. I worked for a few years at a marketing agency and later on I moved on to the world of design studios. Most recently, I have been working at a brand and design consultancy specializing in strategic design communications.

I decided to take this class 1. because I love toys! and 2. because I feel that it will be very helpful for the production of my thesis. I am collaborating with Youmna and we are making an interactive installation, one that will feature a series of fictional stories that will critically comment on the everyday life in a cubicle office space.

The installation consists of a cubicle workspace where users interact with the main character’s, Lola, everyday office objects. These unexpected elements gather evidence about Lola’s life within her cubicle. They represent her identity, personality, frustrations and role within the workplace.

I feel that everything I learned so far and will continue to learn in this class we can apply into the technical production of our objects. We have been using physical computing in order for them to provide the necessary interactions we want for them to offer in order to communicate our ideas. And I am looking forward on expanding my knowledge and learning new tools in regards to this.

I would say that my favorite thing to play as a child was a gameboy. I enjoy video games very much. As an adult I still like to play although nowadays I seem to enjoy more physical stuff, like for instance  ping pong.