I come from a Graphic Design background, and while I really enjoyed it, I felt like there was more to life than just doing print work and I wanted to branch outside of that. I wanted to be working making tangible objects you could hold and touch. I have always aspired to start a toy company, so when I saw that this class was being offered I jumped on the opportunity. I more specifically wanted to make plush toys, and knowing that Yuri has a background in toys was really curious about how to get your toys made once you have created a prototype. This program being technology based has really got me to think of how I could integrate technology with the toys to make them responsive to interaction. Growing up I can not think of many toys that I would regularly be playing with besides the fads that came and went like yo yo’s and pong, but the one things that I didn’t loose interest in were my stuffed animals. The toy that I was most impressed by may have been a Furby, and it is a toy I still think has a lot of interesting aspects to and would like to create something that builds from where the Furby left off. These days, I seem to not really have any toys outside of electronics, the two things that I play with regularly are my computer and my phone, but outside of that I don’t have much that I play with.