Free Writing

1. What did you find surprising difficult in the this Embedded Arduino Paper Automata project?
First, the difficult and challenge in this Automata project was putting everything (paper automata, Arduino, and servo) together as an object on a board. My second project, Robot has to be move(travel) with a servo together. It was challenge to put the servo into the Robot, because the servo is heavier than the actual paper automata. Secound, my first goat project and my third project, the Weight of Bureaucracy, turn only one way. If it turns another way, the wheels broke. Therefore, I had to be very careful calculating servo number in coding because the middle number is not always 90.

2. What did you find surprisingly easy?
Working on coding in class was a huge help for assignments. Because I am beginner in coding, I was nervous about breaking when I test out my automates but, Arduino cook book and the class lessons made easier to make them happen.

3. Did you get inspired with any derivative works for doing this project?
Classmates works inspired me. Adiel’s automata works were impressed, and he pushed the book automata to new level. Also, I think these initial basic lessons and prototypes will give me stronge foundation to make something great in the future.