Free Writing

Doing this Paper Automata was a challenge for me, especially when it came to paper cutting. Due to the small scale of the pieces, cutting and glueing on exact points becomes super difficult. I also believe I failed at attempting to hide the Arduino in a proper manner. When I started the project I jumped into building the paper part, but looking back, what I should have done from the beginning was planning how I would get the motor in it first.
I was surprised when putting the mechanical part together, it all smoothly worked out. At a glance, it seemed to be a rather complicated toy, but the simplicity of its mechanics was a comforting surprise in terms of how simply, interesting movements can be created.
The whole time whilst working with it I was thinking on the game Mecano and how it would be great to create structures of more solid materials to work with the arduino and sensor. I was imagining a catapult being built with this system out of mecanos… that would be awesome!