6 Paper Automata concepts

1) Dancer Automata
Toy dances by user’s clapping sounds
Emotions: Joy, happy
Keywords: Electret microphone amplifier, servo



2) Welcoming Robot
Create a robot that recognizes you, and it welcomes you. When you get home, he will be coming to you and lighting on his eyes to welcome you. He is just like your own pet, but no needs to feed or walk out.
Keywords: RangeFinder, servo, LEDs, speaker
Emotions: Comfort, friendless
Based on “Tea-serving robot”


3) Nodding toy
This toy agrees every single things what you say by nodding his/her head. You can say whatever you want. He/she never disagree with you! Even you get angry, he or she will always there for you and listen whatever you have left to say.
Emotions: comfort, friendless
Keywords: LEDs, Electret microphone amplifier



4) Blooming flowers in vase
The flowers in vase notify your facebook, text messages, any notifications on your phone. The flowers bloom as hearing dedicated phone vibration or sound notifications. Each flowers bloom per notification. Therefore, you can get notifications without looking at your small phone screen. The flowers in vase could work as a decoration piece or notification of text messages.
Keywords: notification, servo, Electret microphone amplifier
Based on Peek-a-bear


5) A everyday valentine flower
Create a flower if you get closer, it blooms and has nice smells. Also, it changes color each days, so you feel like you have different flower every day.
Emotions: positive
Keywords: RangeFinder, LEDs, servo


6) Lamp
Some people change their moods based on lights. There is a lamp it has available to recognize daytime or nighttime based on amount of lights.
Emotions: Positive
Keywords: LEDs, light sensor