Midterm Automa Sketches


I. Twitter Bird

For this concept instead of a sensor I would want to get data from Twitter. It would ideally hang from the ceiling above your desk and anytime someone tweets to you it bobs up and down and flaps it’s wings.


II. Scared Hedgehog

This is inspired from my hedgehog Dexter who is scared of everything. It would be built like the robot and whenever it sensed anyone around it would put up spikes and try to run away.


III. Weather Forecast

This would be like the duck pond automa and connect to some form of a weather API and rotate to a regular servo that rotates to the correct weather symbol for the day.


IV. Brain Waves

I did a lot of work with the Mind Flex last semester and wanted to maybe use it again. I have no idea honestly how this one would be constructed but I would want it to look like one of the orbs you see at science museums and the waves from the center move while you’re concentrating.


V. Instagram

This would be similar to the twitter one and whenever someone likes one of your Instagrams a little desk hipster puts on glasses. It would work similar to the peek-a-boo bear.


VI. Morning Glory

When trying to think of a natural object that is different during the day than it is during the night I thought of the morning glory that blooms only during the day and closes at night. This would sit by a window and use a photosensor.