Midterm thoughts

rap that cowThe one thing that I found surprising, not in the most positive way, was the difficulty to adapt a movement to what I actually wanted to do. My idea was that the cow would conceal its utters with its arms, and then flash you once you approached. However, my lack of time to keep trying for this mechanism to be accurate resulted in a movement I am not convinced still.

I guess one thing I really like about my project is the general idea. I do think its a cool concept having a cow flash at you, but I believe this could be much improved. I originally though of making it a kind of cabaret cow, which I still think would make the concept have a stronger context and hence, a more direct message. Right now, since the movement is inaccurate and the cow is just a simple cow, it is difficult for anybody to see what I meant with it.

I think that one thing that makes my project unique is the fact that I am using a simple mechanism and trying to create a story with it. Even though the mechanism does not work as I visualized it, I still believe my project could be capable of telling a story upon a direct and simple crank.