Role and Look/Feel Prototype for Final

I want to make a series of dirty little robots for the final.

They are constructed of metal scrap found on the city streets, old record covers, and electronic components.
Their role is to sort out human thoughts in a robotish way, bring quirky little joy to the overloaded human minds
of city people. In this kind of manifestation the negative stuff of your overloaded mind is gone.

How it works:

You open the app and type words about what’s in your troubled mind.
As soon as you click “that’s it”, all the little robots move into action as a
composition to interoperate/translate your words…some blink, some
walk, some roll, some make noise, bla bla bla…… What the robots
actually do is XXXXXX. The time they do it depends on the length of
the words you typed.

Why I chose the material that I chose: 

1. Worn out stuff has a natural soothing function.
It has solid psychological background.

2. Metal scrap comes from the New York City streets.
If the dirty little robots bring you positive feelings, it’s
like the tension/anxiety/worries of you brought by
New York City can also be cured by New York City.
How romantic.

3. Old record covers has a very long history/memory
of music and the people who loved them.
How romantic.