Final / Series of Toys controlled by iPad + Bluetooth

The Gadgets of Lola

Youmna and I developed an interactive art installation that transports you into the life of a dreamy copywriter named Lola. She lives in a world where dreams and reality blend into each other.

She is an inventor, in order to deal with her everyday drab, black and white, life she experiments everyday at her cubicle, she invents fantastical artifacts for transporting her into magical worlds.

One of these fantastical artifacts that she has created is the Twirly. A device that looks like a gigantic camera, all made out of scraps she has found lying around her office (paper, cardboard, felt, pins) that when used transports you into a whimsical environment.

Lola uses it to record her dreams. The camera may sort of look like a “normal” one but it doesn’t function like one. The contrary. It takes the pictures and videos from the person who’s holding it and viewing through the lenses. Meaning that it works the opposite way. When one sees someone holding the camera as a regular one pointing to any direction, he/she is actually taking pictures of her/himself. It takes them from inside.

Later Lola realized that in order to watch her dreams that she recorded in the camera she needed another device. She invented the Eye – TV. An artifact that feeds wirelessly from the camera and plays all the pictures as a movie. The screen is very particular. It shoes a roll with all the pictures collaged. The experience of the narrative is surreal and non-linear.

For both objects we used materials such as: cardboard, felt, paper, tape, glue gun, pins, led’s, servo motors, foam board, elastic bands, acetate paper and arduino.