Power the BIke v2.0

In this version of “Power the Bike,” I wanted to expand on my midterm. I made a new, more sturdy version of the bike out of wood and paper. Second I adapted the app for the simple controls given to my specific contraption. The bluetooth technology allows the user to control the speed and direction of the turning bike wheel and turn on and off the light. I originally wanted to incorporate a sensor or code that allowed the light to turn on and stay on after a certain amount of spins that the wheel makes, but I was unable to get the working. Instead, I kept the manual control of the light and speed of the wheel to the user.

From the midterm to now, I also came across news coverage of inmates in Brazil generating power for street lights by pedaling stationary bikes in jail. Maybe this “toy” idea I had can become a reality in everyone’s home. Real current events like this, showing that with the right creativity and innovation, anything can happen.