PComp 3rd Class Assignment

1)  Read and Do Exercises in Programming Arduino:   pages 51-66

2)  Review Circuit 4 from SparkFun Book.

3)  Assignment:

Using a Knob, make for 4 sound and light effects for your “pcomp toy”.
One effect blinks leds in one direction along with sound, like a scale for example.  Second goes in another direction.  Third goes from inside to outside, along with different sounds.  The forth is a “little didi” of lights and sounds of your making, (a little song and dance of sound and LEDs).
Your Void Loop should only have if statements and function calls in it. No FOR loops in your void loop.
[ Learn how to encapsulate code into a function.]
* Extra Credit
Document 3 projects to Maker Faire.  “Document” means: One photo or video, Name of Project, Name of Creator(s), and 2-3 sentences describing it, 2-3 sentences of why you like it.