Maker Faire

1. Sir Walter Cooler

This Sir Walter Cooler from Microsoft was interesting to me because the machine shows emotional expression, which I am interested in, to give information of water needs to users. It tried to catch users’ attention by showing color on the board and also a man’s voice to encourage users to drink water more.

2. Physical to Digital Color Mixer / Drawing Tool

This work is from MFADT !! This is drawing tool with physical objects and digital images. Users can create colour with 3 cups of water by mixing them in a cup from the data(water weight and selection of water cup). It is just transparent water but it shows differ color on the screen. Also, users can use this color to lamp’s light color. It encourage users to use real physical brushes and water to make colour and apply them to digital world. I think successful thing of the project is it combines analog and digital in interesting way. Users can enjoy their painting with water and brush which are physical art materials to play with digital drawing tool.

3. Sensacell Music Sequencer

This work was interesting to me so much, because I want to explore smart home interaction design and this work inspired me of that. It spreads beautiful visual effects based on sensing system. It encourage users to touch and feel the huge screen and feel something connection between the screen and themselves.