Maker Faire Observation

1. ModiBot by GoGoDynamo

photo 1photo 2 copy

It is a character design system created through 3D printing. There are lots of 3D projects on display at Maker Faire, what makes it stand out is, as far as I think, these action figures snap together with a ball-and-sockect style attachments, and they can also be split into smaller pieces, which makes them easier to manufacture and people can creates endless characters with different mix-and-matches.

2. DIWIRE by PensaLabs

This is a machine that can print lines out of metal. Any 2D shapes in a .SVG files drawn on a computer can be wired out by the machine based on the data sent from the computer. And several 2D shapes can be soldered or clipped together to create 3D structures. The two legs of the metal glasses in the pictures are bent to an 90 degree angel after the shape of the frame is wired.

Connection can be easily accomplished by a USB cable.

photo 1 copy photo 2

3. Bee Keyboard by MakeAnything.

Being touched by the “bee”, a “flower” will produce sound in a certain frequency, which makes a note. Then by connecting the bee to different flowers continously, people can play a basic scale.

The idea behind this project is nothing new or hi-tech. I simply adore the idea, and this is one of the few projects I think I can make at the moment.

photo 5