Makers Faire!

Video Sans-video Game by Michael Newman

 It can good be a break from screen based video games. It has the potential to encourage people/kids to use their imagination to create sharpie worlds and obstacle, and their own characters. I loved the idea of having a game that you can create yourself. It was fun playing it and Im sure it would be even more entertaining having to create your world and compete against your friends. 




The next one is a textile, I lost the paper with the name :S

In this project they semi-digitalized the process of making looms. You make your pattern in the computer (square grid), then you load the file. Magnets are activated that will allow you to create the patter. I like the idea of mixing craft and digital labor. 




Augmented Reality Glasses and Games by Jeri Ellsworth

As opposed to the video sans-video game this one was all about the video. It was fun to play and you can actually look around and feel that you are inside the video game. A particular design choice they made that caught my attention was that you have complete control of your view but you can still see your character. I fin it interesting that they decided to empower the user as a controlling god. 




Ognite by Josh Levine 

This was a simulated candle $5 kit. It was a simple LED structure with a attiny already programed. A simple idea that can amuse, educate and decorate. 




Refined by Eric Hagan 

It was a food safe sugar based electromagnetic sculpture. Making electronic/machine parts with food…brilliant idea!




The place was huge! I enjoyed walking around, there where so many interesting projects.