Maker Faire

Came to check out the homework and realized forgot to hit publish on this.
And it still won’t let me upload images…

My absolute favourite thing I saw was an Arduino powered coffee roaster built using some scrap or scavenged parts by WTG (We Teach Geek). It embodied three things I’m really interested in: code, reusing and recycling materials and coffee. While coffee is what turned my head and got me over to the booth (I’ve written papers on coffee and coffee production. I’m endlessly interested), the scavenged parts were my favourite part. One of my greatest interests is in reducing waste, so adding code and coffee just made this seem really cool.

Not sure how techy this one was, but I really liked this faucet by Delta. It made the same amount of water feel more powerful than a normal faucet or shower head. While I don’t recall the details, I believe the idea behind this was to reduce water use without cutting down on quality. Other shower heads that reduce the water used feel weak. Once again, I liked this for it’s earthiness.

And last, I liked the programmed graphing calculators, because they were what I dreamed of in high school. Well, a little more complex than what I dreamed of in high school. The project was just some little programs on T3/T4 graphing calculators by Christopher Mitchell to make them do some funky things like play music on a floppy disc.

Least favourite, all the useless 3D printed coffee table knick-knacks.