Assignment for 4/11's Class

1)   Read and Do exercises pages: 105-108,  Programming Arduino. (Section on Library and Random Numbers)

Re-read Analog Outputs section on Programming Arduino in Chapter 6.

2)  Read and Do circuit 03 in the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit   RGB LED.

3)  Create a “Color Dial Toy”. 

Make a device with 1 RBD LED, 3 Potentiometer Knobs, and One Button.   Each one of the Knobs increases or decreases the value of and Red, Green, or Blue Value.   As you turn the 3 knobs you can mix the R, G, or B values individually.  When you push the button, the RGB LED changes colors Randomly.  IF button is pressed the LED turns all sorts of different colors.

Note: I asked you to buy three Rotary Potentiometers. Use these or any 3 of similar value.