Light&Sensor&Sound: Electronic Heart_Tingshan Gou

My idea is to create a visual/audio representation of Love. The sound was created based on the Initial Letter of me and my bf, which is GTS&YJL on the piano keyboard. The Green button represents when we are happy, while the Red button represents when we fight. I put the speaker in the middle of the heart, which looks like the heart can speak itself. I found it really interesting to arrange the wires, resistors, and other components like this. Apart from its function, the circuit is like a piece of work itself, quiet and humble, waiting for someone to push either of its color button, eager to tell its stories. In prototype 1, the button can not stay ON state itself once I moved my hand, so I have to hold the button and cover the sensor to change the mode. But in prototype 2 as I uploaded below, I used a variable to record the previous state of the button and changed the state only if the previous state is OFF and current state is ON. I also recreated the breadboard, cut off the +/- part of each board and combine them into one. Hope this won’t cause trouble to my later work >_<


Below is the video: