Maker Faire Highlight – My favorite 3

I have to say I enjoyed MF so much that I really want to bring my project next time. As I was also a volunteer on Sunday, I experienced the fun of both making and exchanging ideas and passion. Showing projects to kids made me so proud of myself even it was not my project.

My 3 favorite projects were:

1.  Kinect Fighting RobotImage

Using Kinect to track movements is not news but still makes it exciting and fun. I was fascinated by its well-designed appearance and UI design which is very smooth, clear and easy to convey the messages like loading, fighter information, and etc. Kids can understand it, join it and play it, without any instructions.


Here’s the video:

2. Thunder Bear Board

This is really old school stuff but truly impressed me. It’s designed by Stamati & Sophia, from a little lovely studio called “Almost Art House”. It’s pretty easy in designing but very meaningful for people who have dreams and goals. In despite of its low techie, it emphasized the willingness or motivation of doing things. I think this spirit is very important today as technology is making people’s lives more and more convenient, at the same time, making people lazy in thoughts, even subconsciously rely on technology. Design products as Thunderbear would bring back the motivation in people, making them do things only they are aware of. Setting goals by hand, fulfill dreams and enjoy being a champion.

The most lovely part is it even designed a champion board for users to show their achievements.  How adorable!


3. Lovely robots

I simply like their appearance. I like the idea they are using daily-used material to design their robots. Look at the eyebrows they have!