Simon Says Style Game – Proposals

1. Ideas Based on Found Enclosures

1.a. Artist Panel Box
Based on panels found in an Art Supply Store.
LEDs are hidden under the translucent paper. User can only see their colors.

IMG_4335 IMG_4334 prototype_a

1.b. Pencil Organizer
Buttons attached around the cylinder. LEDs inside, upside-down. User can only see the inner light while holding it.
IMG_4345 IMG_4346 prototype_b

1.c. Tupperware
Arduino and LEDs attached to tupperware’s lid.
IMG_4343 prototype_c

2. “Blue Sky” Ideas

2.a. Pyramidal Simon
Made out of folded cardboard. Each face has an LED and a push button.prototype_d

2.b. Locker-like Simon
Inspired by the Simon Says dynamics, but not exactly the same. LEDs turn on in an angular sequence, just like in a locker. User has to repeat the same angular sequence.

2.c. Keyboard-like Simon
Self-explanatory. Slightly different from Simon’s original dynamics, though. Multiple buttons can be triggered at the same time.