Simon Game Writing

1. The most difficult part was trying to get all the components working together in such a tight space while also preserving them for future use. I think it would have been much easier if I wasn’t going to use them in the future and soldered/glued everything together in a more permanent way. Every time I close the box, a wire (or a few) become unplugged. When fixing one wire and closing it again, two more would pop out. This was incredibly frustrating and easily the most difficult part of the project (and least satisfying).

Getting the buttons to work properly was also a huge challenge, since they are very thin and barely protrude through the surface of the enclosure.

2. The easy parts included getting the basic code running (although very time consuming) and wiring the original prototype.

3. The most surprising thing was that going from the initial exposed prototype to the enclosure was so frustrating. I was also surprised at how difficult it was to get the buttons to work. If I was to use buttons again, I would use the arcade style buttons for all of them, since those fasten to exterior.