Simon Say Style Game Writing

  1. I didn’t expect it to be difficult to build up the enclosure. I did some DIY projects before and I thought it could also be ‘easy’ this time. But I was totally wrong. It turned out to be so hard when all the wires coming in and they can be totally a disaster. I broke my poor enclosure several times to check or fix the circuits.

    I also found it hard to build code level by level as it comes to a certain level, a minor mistake can take long to be fixed. And sometimes it makes me wonder “what I wrote is right, why doesn’t it work?”

  2. Finding material could be easy as everyday disposal could totally be things for my project. Some can be very easy to be ignored but actually very useful. After I finish my project I still feel excited using other material I didn’t use for this time.

    A tight schedule could make it easier as well.. I made several breakthroughs and finished the code one day before today..

  3. How can we get material from the daily life surprises me.