SimonSays Free Writing

1.What did you find difficult about building your project?

  • I found that making wearable toy is more difficult than I thought because I need to put all the sensors, lines, hardware chip and also battery on or in it. It was hard to hide the sensors and also hard to hold Arduino and battery with it.
  • Also, it is hard to make everyone’s profitable size for wearable toys. For me, I made a glove Simon Says and I found the glove size is not affordable for everyone from small hand to big hand.

2.What did you find easy about building your project?

  • The easy to build was I didn’t need to use wood or plastic that is hard to cut and adjust form.
  • Easy to find the materials that I need such as gloves, threads, needle and etc.

3. What surprises found you while building your project?

  • While building my project, I found wearable toys are harder than I thought! And there is electronic thread I can use for my project which can make to build the project much easier. 
  • When I put one pressure sensor, it worked well. However, the sensors didn’t work after put all the sensors. 
  • And… I the most surprising part was that I found I’m not that interested in wearable things.. maybe next time, I will build another Simon Says with another way.