About My Simon-Says Game

When making my Simon-Says game, the most difficult thing for me was the coding part. Since to write the code from scratch seems very hard, I took several approaches. I first tried to get some inspiration from other people’s code. But in many cases, their logics are very hard to understand. Then I turned back to review those code examples we got from class and then add elements into them little by little. Through this way, I finally got the ideal function.

The easy part of this project was to build the physical electrocircuit. Making the prototype version took me very little energy. Also I was very lucky to find the bamboo box, so deciding what material to use for enclosure did not bother me.

What surprised me was that to build the final enclosure took me much longer than I expected. I realize that the drill and solder really require practice. To organize the wires inside the box also requires patience and cautiousness. I was very excited when I finally got my Simon works properly.