simonSays Free Writing _ Tingshan Gou

1.What did you find difficult about building your project?

a. Find the threshold value which defines the status of ON and OFF for photo resistor. The perfect value should be like this: the photo resistor works once I touch it but when I jump between these photo resistors it won’t accidentally trigger any resistors in between.

b. How to make it interesting for two players. I used to make the rules like this: one player creates and the other one follows. But I found this might be boring for the first player since s/he only needs to remember a sequence. So I improved the rules like this: each player has to both follow and create at one time. This makes both of them highly participate by focusing on what each other creates and remembering former sequence. It would be more challenging and fun.

c. Distance between each photo resistor. I tried several times to adjust the distance between each sensor, because either closer or further would decrease the experience when people play it.

d. Improve experience. Currently there are only four photo resistors, which means when one player stands at one side and the other stands at the other side, one of them will cover LED when s/he touches the sensor. So there has to be a way to make it more convenient for people to play.

e. How to make an enclosure. I want it to look really cool but I’m still figuring it out:(

2.What did you find easy about building your project?

a. The coding part is not so hard compared to the debugging process.

b. Building circuit is easy once you have the whole view in your mind.

3. What surprises you found while building your project?

a. I felt really surprised and happy that people like to play the two players mode, at least they didn’t think it’s boring.

b. I’m surprised that laser cutting is really interesting. I kept asking myself why I didn’t go there earlier.