Role Prototype [FINAL]

My idea for final project is a distance-senstive instrument.


1. Facing a wall with marks for different music notes on it—from bottom to top, the user move one hand up and down to adjust distance from the ground where the distance sensor is placed.

Different distance values corespond to music notes, which will be heard from the buzzer. Bascially, this distance-based instrument hopefully brings new experience to players with the joy of sound, music and movement.






2. New to the instrument, the step a user will experience is that he/she will be taught to play a simple built-in song by the machine. LEDS embedded alongside with the marks will guide users through the whole song—the user simply move his/her hand accordingly to the lights.

After that, a user will be able to play any music he/she wants.






3. Due to the limits of a human being’s height and consdering the accuracy a distance sensor can get, there will be one 7 music notes marks on the wall.

In order to reach other ranges, the user will use a cup filled with salted water to connect different sets of notes—when the cup is tilted, one wire will be connected and therefore conducts the electricity to trigger certain range. This is also a new user experience which I think could be potentially fun.