Chemical Plant Project

My project is an Arduino-flower that reacts in an expressive way to the contaminated water it receives.

As a revenge to our grown plants’ silent suffering, this project explores how a mechanical plant can express its displeasure of being fed with deadly chemicals.

The goal of this object is to make us aware of the bad quality water we consume.
This is also my Major Studio project.

For more emotional impact, I use a real plant in a pot.

The water purity is measured by an EC sensor.

In order to avoid un pleasant and unnatural mechanical sound, the plant’s leaves are moved through muscle wires. These are heated with an Arduino hidden in the pot.












When the user pours water in the pot, the sensor will analyse the quality of the water.

















If the water is not pure enough, the plant will simulate that it is dying.

The visual effect will be made more dramatic by the use of lights.