Final Project – Proposals

1. Smart Bop Bag
a) Role

An interactive souvenir. Something to keep in a shelf and play with kids — but not really a toy.
b) Behavior
This bop bag would behave like a regular one, with a twist: it would go up and down by itself, sensing the user presence.
c) Look and feel
Like a regular bop bag, with a smiling face and minimal visuals.

2. Mood Box
a) Role
A box that displays the user mood and status — busy, available etc. Particularly useful for work and D12-like environments. One could tell by looking at the box if a person is focused on work or just checking Facebook, for instance.
b) Behavior
3 tilt sensors detect the changes in the x, y and z axys. By doing so, it is possible to track which is the “current” face. That triggers a different color animation of an RGB LED inside of the box.
c) Look and Feel
A regular cube, made out of semi opaque acrylic.

3. Battleship Game
a) Role
A battleship game for one user.
b) Behavior
Two potentiometers control the x and y position of the target. A push button shoots. 3 different feedbacks: red explosion (success); green waves (water); yellow line (missed, but there’s a target either on the same line or the same column).
c) Look and Feel
Like a classic wooden board game, except for the LEDs and knobs.

4. Wacky Building
a) Role
An interactive souvenir. Seemingly static, it will surprisingly respond to the user presence!
b) Behavior
3 sensors may trigger the interaction: sound, lightness and tilt. By turning the ambient lights off, the window-LEDs will start to turn on. Shaking the building triggers an alert sound and animation. Loud sounds trigger a song (played using the buzzer) and an antenna animation (servo).
c) Look and Feel
Like an old wooden toy, with minimal visual and shapes.