Final Project 3 Proposals

1. Dj Box Game


This game will connect to web to play game. By using web, users can compete their scores of the game and also other people can watch a player’s playing actions while the player is playing the game. So players can interactively participate to the game even they are not in the same place.


2. Racing Game


This game will be played with two players so that it is more fun ! Players should press two buttons by sequence: left-right-left-right. The speed of the characters will get faster and faster if the player pushes button faster in a correct way.


Above game is well-known game, physical-digital game, which is called Come On Baby. The idea of Racing Game comes from Com On Baby; push buttons in a sequence and as faster as possible to win the other player.

3. Whac-A-Mole ColorButton Game


This is a game which requires speed reaction from a player. Buttons’ default colour is just none-white colour- and when some buttons turn their colour to blue, the player should press the blue-coloured button or buttons. But the player should be careful because the buttons can change their colour to red which shouldn’t be pressed; if the player presses the red button, the player will lose.