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    My final project – an interactive pop-up book 

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    Spin&Win! – Servo motor assignment 

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    Shining Dessert – Color Switcher Assignmnet 

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    My final project proposals 

    1. A hugging robot




    Using distance sensor as his eyes, the hugging robot is ready to give free hugs by lifting his arms.

    On the surface of his body, I’ll build a half-closed door and a servo sensor. Each time when his arms are up, the servo will quickly rotate which enables the door to open for a second.

    With Arduino in his brain and candy in his stomach, he will also give candy as well as hugs.


    2. An interactive pop-up book



    A pop-up book with sounds, and even video reaction. You’ll not only see the pop-up, but also feel the scene. I’ll select a story, make several pages, use different sensors to trigger the responses. You pat the dog and the dog will bark. You turn the page to a woods and a mockingbird will sing for you.



    3. An electronic twister



    A twister for saving the effort of the controller. It will be controlled by Arduino. By hiding LEDs and pressure sensors inside the rag/felt, multiple players will enjoy an electronic twister together.


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    Bear Bear – My Simon Says Game 

    I finally changed my idea into a diy game. Still using conductive thread, the bear will explore the world, the sky, the jungle and the the pool:)

  • FluffyLeecy 4:45 pm on November 1, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Simon Say Style Game Writing 

    1. I didn’t expect it to be difficult to build up the enclosure. I did some DIY projects before and I thought it could also be ‘easy’ this time. But I was totally wrong. It turned out to be so hard when all the wires coming in and they can be totally a disaster. I broke my poor enclosure several times to check or fix the circuits.

      I also found it hard to build code level by level as it comes to a certain level, a minor mistake can take long to be fixed. And sometimes it makes me wonder “what I wrote is right, why doesn’t it work?”

    2. Finding material could be easy as everyday disposal could totally be things for my project. Some can be very easy to be ignored but actually very useful. After I finish my project I still feel excited using other material I didn’t use for this time.

      A tight schedule could make it easier as well.. I made several breakthroughs and finished the code one day before today..

    3. How can we get material from the daily life surprises me.
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    My Ideas For Simon Says 


    1. Clover Decor

    Use transparent plastic + half transparent  paper + LED inside, little buttons which can be held between two fingers



    2. Flower Pillow

    Carefully hide LEDs in the four petals of the flowers, use little buttons?( or photo resister)




    3. Xylophone



  • FluffyLeecy 3:16 pm on October 11, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    HW – My LED instrument 

  • FluffyLeecy 1:43 pm on October 4, 2013 Permalink | Reply

    Maker Faire Highlight – My favorite 3 

    I have to say I enjoyed MF so much that I really want to bring my project next time. As I was also a volunteer on Sunday, I experienced the fun of both making and exchanging ideas and passion. Showing projects to kids made me so proud of myself even it was not my project.

    My 3 favorite projects were:

    1.  Kinect Fighting RobotImage

    Using Kinect to track movements is not news but still makes it exciting and fun. I was fascinated by its well-designed appearance and UI design which is very smooth, clear and easy to convey the messages like loading, fighter information, and etc. Kids can understand it, join it and play it, without any instructions.


    Here’s the video:

    2. Thunder Bear Board

    This is really old school stuff but truly impressed me. It’s designed by Stamati & Sophia, from a little lovely studio called “Almost Art House”. It’s pretty easy in designing but very meaningful for people who have dreams and goals. In despite of its low techie, it emphasized the willingness or motivation of doing things. I think this spirit is very important today as technology is making people’s lives more and more convenient, at the same time, making people lazy in thoughts, even subconsciously rely on technology. Design products as Thunderbear would bring back the motivation in people, making them do things only they are aware of. Setting goals by hand, fulfill dreams and enjoy being a champion.

    The most lovely part is it even designed a champion board for users to show their achievements.  How adorable!


    3. Lovely robots

    I simply like their appearance. I like the idea they are using daily-used material to design their robots. Look at the eyebrows they have!

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    2nd HW – 4 sounds switcher 

  • FluffyLeecy 6:32 pm on September 13, 2013 Permalink | Reply  


    Hello everyone!

    I’m Li Xi, Leecy is my English name which I made to share a similar pronunciation.
    I have a background of digital arts. I love seeing beautiful things. That’s why I keep designing them!

    My portfolio Site:  http://www.leecyli.com

    In my opinion, graphic design enables making cute projects, but it is physical computing that makes them awesome. That’s why I’m here:)

    My favorite child toy is plasticine(sort of like this, but not this fancy back to 90s):


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