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    Plush Beats: Outer Design 

    Here's the layout for my project that I want to get printed on material ASAP but I have to figure out how to make it work as a pattern for sewing!


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    Sales sheet light clock 

    [Aries the bright night clock] projects time on walls using low cost,
    yet brillaint LED lights.  Typical clocks are hung on walls, solid, and
    2 tone usually black and white.  The concept here is to create a clock
    that animates time through successive animations on bedroom ceilings
    and walls. As this time artifact is made for children 6-12 years old,
    flexibility of imagination and flexibility was an important factor.  The clock can be
    turned sideways and act as a shadow puppetry theater projected on to
    walls.  The concept is to allow users to interact with the artifact
    through personal narratives and fantasy.  The experience can be
    individual or group (family, friends).  The creator's concept in general
    is to create objects that do no limit the users creativity – offering multiple modes and possibilities of usage.

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    SOBEaR :: 3 prototypes 


    SOBEaR prototype v01 from j saavedra on Vimeo.


    SOBEar is for anyone who doesn't know their limits while drinking, or has problems controlling their consumption.  This robots measures your current level of consumption, shows you your level, and then pours a drink based on this.  If you are heavily inebriated, it will pour a very small amount of liquor, or possibly none at all. If you are on the sober-side, you will receive a stiff drink so that you can have an enjoyable, but safe evening.



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    Morning Monster Prototypes 


    Alarm Clock Test from Nick Hardeman on Vimeo.


    Morning Monster is an electric alarm clock that helps you wake up with the most powerful energy source, the sun. He opens your blinds 20 minutes prior to your alarm setting. And if that is not enough, an annoying buzzer will go off. Of course this little monster has all of the standard features, snooze, set time, set alarm time, clock, etc. This little guy is optimal for people who wake up when the sun is out or coming up and who have a window(s) for sunlight to flow into their room.

    Look and Feel:

    I believe that some off-white canvas for the body and teeth would look nice. For the lips, I will use the red cloth that we received in class and black cotton cloth for the inside of the mouth. I purchased a cube like Tweetlite for support of the innards. I also purchased an lcd screen from sparkfun with a black background and white lettering.



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    :: My First Robot on the Internet :: 

    Picture 1

    :: LINK ::

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    :: Prototyping – Final Project :: 

    (click on the link above to see the code)
    I experimented with the servo motor a bit. I need to figure out how to control the servo motor so it acts more like how a turtle would respond to danger – fast reaction, slow release.


     Look & Feel 
    Made by GUND, Inc.
    Contents: Polyester fibers (Minky), plastic pellets

    The technical parts will fit well into the shell of the turtle –
    the arduino, breadboard, survo motor, and speaker. 



     Blog Submissions 
    Daily Candy

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    Myriam – The sound of dancing – Prototypes 

    1. Role
    The sound of dancing is an experiment to enhance the sounds of dancers as they are performing. The sounds become the music of the show, and a perpetual dialogue is built in live while the dancers dance on their own sounds.

    2. Look+Feel
    I will be transforming the existing costumes of the performance to integrate the hardware in it.

    For Michelle, I will add fabric on top of the head structure as it was originally planned, and diffuse light in it. The light will fade in and out with the sound of her breathing, creating an organic balloon character for the play. The balloon will visualize her current state.


    Some conductive paper will be added to her corset and to Zack's jacket, to be used as switches to turn the microphones on and off. They will be triggered by the dancing, and the performance would evolve around them.

    The look+feel part is subject to change depending on the Role.
    The microphones need to be tested out to figure out the most interesting part of the body to put them on.

    3. Role

    I didn't figure out the role yet.
    I want each dancer to have one arduino and two microphones.
    Only Michelle will have and Led.

    Playing sound with arduino is harder than I thought it would be.

    I found three solutions to make my project:

                    1. I can hook up a multiplexer, connected to amplifiers and microphones to have a good and loud sound. The multiplexer will turn microphones on or off depending on the value of the capacitive sensing.
    I will use the mini amplifier LM386, but I don't know which multiplexer to use yet.

                    2. I can use the Arduino Voice Shield, but it is mainly to record and play back sounds. It also has only one mic input. I could use a splitter but it will play both microphones at the same time. I need each microphone to be triggered seperately, with different switches.

                    3. I could make a switch system to be opened or closed depending on the value of the capacitive sensing. The microphones would be directly connected to the speakers, responding to the switch state.

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    Constellation Skirt – Prototypes 

    <   Look and Feel  >

    The style: classic dirndl skirt (gathered fabric with an elasticized waistband)

    The fabric: outer skirt will be semi-sheer, thin navy blue china silk, low sheen; inner structure will be more structured cotton broadcloth for volume

    Picture 6

    IMG_4724        IMG_4725  

    <    Implementation  >

    Picture 8  Casseiopeia

    Picture 9  Cancer

    Picture 10  Ursa Minor

    here's the code

    At the moment, the three circuits are incomplete and the constellations may be activated when the user's movements cause the components to fall into place and complete the circuit. I am also interested in using the Aruduino capSense library to use human touch to activate the constellations.

    <    Role in User's Life   >

    IMG_4711 IMG_4715

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    Stress doll prototypes 



    Look and Feel



    Testing the force and flex sensors to trigger sounds on the computer through processing.


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    Role of Nester the baby lockness 

    Nester is for boys and girls 4-10 years old and for the curious (tear you toy apart to look whats inside 10-14yrs).  A typical user description below.

    Billy turns 8 years old this year and his mother is thinking of buying him a cool toy.  He plays videos games, rides his bike and enjoys swimming as well.  His typical toys are action figure types as well as the typical laser guns and light saber swords.  Though Billy is 8 years old, he is afraid of the dark still.  He would prefer to have a soft toy that will make him feel safer in his room at night.  He is the only child so there is no younger or older brother to keep him company in his room.  Mom and Dad are getting tired of letting Billy sleep in their room when he hears creaking sounds of the house settlling.  His parents thing
    Nester the baby Lockness would be perfect for him, as Nester is a plush to that can go wherever Billy goes

    Refrigerator in the middle of the night for a drink of water
    Restroom at night (he is scared of the toilet flush sounds)

    Nester wakes up whenever Billy talks to Nester or squeezes his tail. Nester stays on for 3 minutes and slowly turns off giving Billy enough to to calm down and fall to sleep, use the restroom, or walk to the fridge.  Nester allows Billy to sleep in Peace as well as his parents.

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    :::First Prototype of Colony::: 

    :::Look and feel:::

    I try different fabrics for softness and for translucency since there are going to be LED inside the Nicos.
    I decided to utilized the ultra suede for their faces and the soft brushed cotton like material for their bodies. Their bodies are flat now but in the next interation they will be more cone like with a blat bottom that would I allow them to stand on the magnetic surface with the relay switch facing down.


    :::User Interaction:::

    Nicos have their natural environment where they make little sounds to chat to each other and glow in different colors.


    Nicos also can become your friend if you are gentle with them. If you are, then they will feel comfortable and glow and make little sounds , similar to those they make when among their kind.


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    Mometer (momi) 

    Implementation prototype:
    In this  implementation I have tried to test the circuit and the code by using a POT. Further the POT will be replaced by temperature sensor.

    momi implementation prototype1 from Ira Goldberg on Vimeo.
    Here is the code

    Look&feel+Role Prototype:

  • Yury Gitman 11:18 am on April 21, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Myriam – the sound of dancing project (+blueprints) 

    The sound of dancing is an experiement to capture and enhance the sound of dancers while they are performing. Microphones will be integrated in their costumes and mouth, triggered my their dance and interaction.

    The sound of dance is a team project with dancers Zack Winokur and Michelle Mola and their current team. 

    1. Zack Winokur and Michelle Mola
    Michelle Mola's website

                                                                Picture by Collin Lafleche

    You can watch below their current performance, where in the end Michelle has a microphone in her mouth that display her breathing and other mouth sounds. The system not being stable enough, the you can hear as well the cables moving, which create an interesting sound.
    Zack and Michelle's perform with few music. It is the sound of their own dancing that makes the music.


    For this performance, they added the paper sheet Zack is tearing off of this jacket.
    They want their show to evolve and experiment new ways of dancing.

    2. The sound of dance

    How to create new unheard sounds from their dancing?
    How to enhance their own movement to make music during their performance?
    How can this music be a whole part of the performance?
    And how this music will change and create new ways of performing?
    For this project, I will be adding material to the costumes, working with the costume designer for the integration of the circuit.


                                                                Pictures by Collin Lafleche

    In the performance, Michelle is wearing a structure up her
    shoulders. It was originally supposed to be covered with fabric to hide
    her head, with her arms going out from holes. But the fabric wasn't
    stable enough, so she kept only the structure for the show.
    I want to put back this fabric to pursue their idea of "Balloon girl".


    In Michelle's structure, an Led would be on top to illuminate the hole balloon. The Led would fade on and off, visualizing her breath.

    For both Michelle and Zack, I want to use a conductive fabric that will be torn off during the performance. The fabric on, the microphone will be on. They will be turned off as the fabric is off.

    Some parts will be permanent, and used as switches for the dancers to turn on and off as they dance.
    They will turn on different microphones set on various parts of their bodies.
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