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    Image Post 

    photo-39 photo-40 photo-41 photo-42 photo-43 photo-44

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    The Refined Purity Pillow: Midterm 



    How do parents know what their daughter is really up too?


    A needle point that flashes when the conditions of their room became inappropriate.

    Your daughter needs to be monitored at all times to make sure she is behaving as she should.

    Fire Alarm Systems

    The flashing of a light is a simple but affective way.

    What defines our gender identity as children. Toys like these:



    What if the paper dolls alarms when you aren’t putting the proper clothing on the proper gender?


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    Midterm Automa Sketches 


    I. Twitter Bird

    For this concept instead of a sensor I would want to get data from Twitter. It would ideally hang from the ceiling above your desk and anytime someone tweets to you it bobs up and down and flaps it’s wings.


    II. Scared Hedgehog

    This is inspired from my hedgehog Dexter who is scared of everything. It would be built like the robot and whenever it sensed anyone around it would put up spikes and try to run away.


    III. Weather Forecast

    This would be like the duck pond automa and connect to some form of a weather API and rotate to a regular servo that rotates to the correct weather symbol for the day.


    IV. Brain Waves

    I did a lot of work with the Mind Flex last semester and wanted to maybe use it again. I have no idea honestly how this one would be constructed but I would want it to look like one of the orbs you see at science museums and the waves from the center move while you’re concentrating.


    V. Instagram

    This would be similar to the twitter one and whenever someone likes one of your Instagrams a little desk hipster puts on glasses. It would work similar to the peek-a-boo bear.


    VI. Morning Glory

    When trying to think of a natural object that is different during the day than it is during the night I thought of the morning glory that blooms only during the day and closes at night. This would sit by a window and use a photosensor.

  • Soo 8:16 pm on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    6 Paper Automata concepts 

    1) Dancer Automata
    Toy dances by user’s clapping sounds
    Emotions: Joy, happy
    Keywords: Electret microphone amplifier, servo



    2) Welcoming Robot
    Create a robot that recognizes you, and it welcomes you. When you get home, he will be coming to you and lighting on his eyes to welcome you. He is just like your own pet, but no needs to feed or walk out.
    Keywords: RangeFinder, servo, LEDs, speaker
    Emotions: Comfort, friendless
    Based on “Tea-serving robot”


    3) Nodding toy
    This toy agrees every single things what you say by nodding his/her head. You can say whatever you want. He/she never disagree with you! Even you get angry, he or she will always there for you and listen whatever you have left to say.
    Emotions: comfort, friendless
    Keywords: LEDs, Electret microphone amplifier



    4) Blooming flowers in vase
    The flowers in vase notify your facebook, text messages, any notifications on your phone. The flowers bloom as hearing dedicated phone vibration or sound notifications. Each flowers bloom per notification. Therefore, you can get notifications without looking at your small phone screen. The flowers in vase could work as a decoration piece or notification of text messages.
    Keywords: notification, servo, Electret microphone amplifier
    Based on Peek-a-bear


    5) A everyday valentine flower
    Create a flower if you get closer, it blooms and has nice smells. Also, it changes color each days, so you feel like you have different flower every day.
    Emotions: positive
    Keywords: RangeFinder, LEDs, servo


    6) Lamp
    Some people change their moods based on lights. There is a lamp it has available to recognize daytime or nighttime based on amount of lights.
    Emotions: Positive
    Keywords: LEDs, light sensor

  • Adiel Fernandez 8:14 pm on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    6 Concepts for midterm 





    Emotion: Hopelessness

    Automata: man lost at see on a boat that moves with the waves. A rangefinder causes the waves to move more as users move away, increasing feeling of desparation.



    Emotion: Curiosity

    Automata: A mystery box that shakes and moves when touched (using capacitive sensing). Box could possibly be made of stretchy fabric that has objects poking and pushing through it.



    Emotion: Awe

    Automata: A caveman celebrating fire. When a torch is brought next to the sticks (i.e. a magnet is brought next to the sensor), the fire “ignites”



    Emotion: Surprise

    Automata: When the user goes to feed a rabbit with a bundle of grass (with RFID sensor in it), a giant alligator snaps shut and eats the rabbit.



    Emotion: Jealousy

    Automata: Two girls fight over a guy in the middle, pulling him from side to side. Pulling happens according to frequency of pulse from heart rate sensor.



    Emotion: Fear

    Automata: Creature pulls man deeper into a dark cave when the lights are turned on. Uses a light sensitive resistor.


  • carlamarinvial 8:12 pm on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Mid terms concepts 

    These are my sketches and a couple of look and feel prototypes. I am aiming tu use sound and distance sensors and want also to play with “glow in the dark” idea.


  • danielagill 8:11 pm on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Midterm ideas / Youmna & Daniela 



    IMG_1193 IMG_1194 IMG_1195 IMG_1196 IMG_1197 IMG_1198 IMG_1199 IMG_1200 IMG_1201 IMG_1202 IMG_1203

  • ZX 8:04 pm on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Midterm x 6 



    Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 9.27.27 AM



  • SLee 8:03 pm on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Paper Automata + Emotion Concepts 

    paper automata and emotions 1 - heartbreak paper automata and emotions 2 - goosebumps paper automata and emotions 4 - whiny or annoying paper automata and emotions 3 - shynesspaper automata and emotions 5 - happy paper automata and emotions 6 - surprise

  • Siri 8:01 pm on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    04/00 Midterm: Six Ideas 

    1 2 3 4 5 6

  • naterudolph 8:01 pm on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Midterm Concepts 

    Here’s a PDF of the concepts.


  • Jen Matsumoto 7:56 pm on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Midterm Ideas 

    These are my midterm ideas. They are a little rough and I think could use more time and thinking through the concept and workings of the gears.

    1. Exercise bike for power: Approach the bike and watch as the wheels moving also power a “light” that only appears when the bike is moving. (Like weight of bureaucracy)
    2. Street Dancers: Give the street dancers “money” and watch them perform.
    3. Music Box: Approach the music box and watch the dancer spin.
    4. Sewing Machine: Approach the sewing machine and see the needle move up and down and sew on its own.
    5. Crazy Clocks: Two clocks moving forward and backward so you never know what time it is.
  • JeannetteSubero 7:45 pm on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Wireless toys – Midterm Ideas 

  • Chy 7:43 pm on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  


    IMG_0351 IMG_0348 IMG_0347 IMG_0346


    1  2

    3  4

    I mainly focusing on volumetric movement of the automata.

    1 – Worm hole   = since wave automata that produce wave motion in  cylindrical shape

    2 – Mask = Towers that lift mask open/close

    3 – walker = I want to do this boxing robot toy for final, but i still have  no idea how to move with two legs so this project could be a good practice for final.

    4 – Dynamic contour


    Last simester, I did this project that related to motion that adjust to the environment, and I want to explore different alternate for this change for survival by made this automata that realign it self to fix changing world.

  • Soo 6:03 pm on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Gangnam Style Machine! LOL

  • ZX 2:19 am on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Free Writing About the Third One 


    I think every aspect of this one is relatively easy.



    inspired or not by others:

    Yes. Jeannette’s athlete looked surprisingly cute. I thought it would be boring when I was looking at the template on the book. And all the enthusiastic alterations were really cool.

    another thing:

    USB Battery Pack works really responsive, it has no problem with Arduino code and hardware but you have to press the restart button if the motor stops for more than, in my case, 6 seconds. So I guess it’s not proper to use if the toy is designed to be fully turned off when the user is not near it. Maybe we could use a forever lit LED to keep the circuit running but it’s kind of a waste.

  • ZX 2:15 am on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply  



    The closer you are, the faster it rolls!


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