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    homework assigned 4/14 

    1.  submit to 3 or more blogs if you haven't yet
    2. readings
    3. design document/blueprint/specs/description

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    Plush Concepts 

     1. Thermometer:

    Photo 152
    2. Memories Collectors:

    Photo 151

    3. Plush E-Card:

    Photo 153
    4. Long Distance Hugs:

    Photo 154

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    Plush Project Concepts 

    Check out my concepts!


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    alchohol sensor presentation 

    here's the link

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    Concept Proposals for Final Project ~ Plush Toy 

    For my final project, I'd like to create a plush toy with an "under water" theme.  See details below…






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    Concept proposals for electro-plush experience 

    Concept 1:

    a collection of soft switches in extremities of this headpiece turn LEDs encased in the headpiece in different sequences. the object on the right indicates the basal structure


    Concept 2:

    this dress is padded with buttons all over the back which control LEDs lighting the various panels. this piece invites touch in a medium where it is generally considered socially taboo to touch.


    Concept 3:

    flex sensors embedded in neoprene encasements at elbows and knees generate digital beats from small speakers.


    Concept 4:

    rug-like object with plush buttons. played like an instrument such that the user walks on it, in the style of DDR, to create music.


  • Yury Gitman 12:03 pm on April 14, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    :::Push Toy concepts::: 


    Concept 1:::learning anatomy

    The second plush idea is to create a human like blob that has words sewn on the fabric that covers its body. The words are the name of different body parts. As a word is pressed, the area of the body that the word corresponds to lights up.

    Concept 2:::colony:::

    The first concept is to create a colony of little creature. Their
    behavior can be really simple for now, but I am particularly interest
    how they can change each others behavior by been close to each other or
    sending a signal in some way.  I am not quite sure what shape these
    guys are going to take they can be little blobs with sweet eyes. They
    will grow hungry when you take them away from their environment making
    loud noise and vibrating violently while vibrate smoothly, more like a
    purr when they are back with their friend and make melodic sounds.

    Concept 3:::Sometime you need a little slap

    The last concept is a plush that slaps you more or less according to how drunk you are. It uses the mechanism of two motors similar to  Easter bunny ears  that saw during the autopsy to slap you based on the reading that it gets from the  alcohol sensor mounted on his head.

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    Myriam – Ideas for a Plush Toy 

    To begin with, I am interested in making a plush toy for adults and work on the special relationship they will have.

    I had two ideas for this:

    1. The Barking Dog

    Dog copie
    The barking dog is a toy you put facing your front door. You can put it on and it will start barking and moving his head to knock on the door to scare off intruders.

    It is at the same time a protective and decorative animal to have in your house.

    Dog2 copie

    2. The Talking Parrot
    The parrot is a decorative and friendly stuffed animal made out of real feathers. In your living room, press a button to record a message and play it back. Once every hour, the parrot spread his wings.

    Parrot copie

    3. The Huggs Bear
    My third concept is for both children and adults.
    It is a human size flat bear that you can sleep on and that gives you huggs.

    Bear copie

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    3 ideations 

    1. LiteBall

    LiteBall are objects which users can carry around or place in one spot
    that emanate light that directly reflects the volume of sound occurring
    around the balls.  Users could have several balls placed around their
    home or room where they listen to music or just hang out.  The balls
    are sensitive to amplitude of sound enough such that a talking voice
    would be enough to watch the balls’ glow reflect peaks in volume. 
    Another context could be at a concert or show where people are given
    the balls to walk around with or attach to their clothing.  All of a
    sudden the crowd becomes part of the performance as the intensity of the balls glow increases and decreases with the amplitude of the music, or performance. Color is determined by the axis of movement in which the ball is thrown or moved. Accelerometer + microphone + RGB LED + soft ball skeleton

    2. Pulse Bear

    A teddy bear, with electrodes on either hand. User holds both paws, and Pulse Bear reads their heartbeat in real-time. Using this EKG data, the bear has LEDs that flash according to this pulse.  User let's go at this point, and using this pulse, dances to the beat of this music (upper body and arms). Pulse Bear dances for about one minute at this pulse. why, though, why dammit?!

    3. Drivin' Buddy

    A plush Koala who you "kiss" after a night out to see if you are ready to drive. If your blood alcohol content is acceptable, he plays a small game of simon with LEDs and buttons in his paws.  Assuming, you pass three levels of simon AND pass the breathalyzer, Drivin' Buddy announces "Let's go!!".  If either test is failed Drivin' Buddy says "noooooooooooooooooooooo".

    4. LightBox :: Revisited


    • Thai 5:03 am on April 14, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Wow I thought I would be the last entry tonight…er morning.

  • Yury Gitman 4:55 am on April 14, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Plush Animal Concepts 

    Nester – Is a baby Lock Ness monster plush.  He keeps guard at night when he hears sounds by turning on his LED eyes – or at the push of a button.  Whenever Nester is near blue or green he flaps his fins and swims off to an ephemeral ocean of enigmatic wonder and mythic adventure that is your child’s imagination …ehem [time 4:46 a.m.].  Nester is sleep time ready for kids 4-8yrs and Kidults 9-80yrs.

    Lucky –  the dragon plush – wards off evil night time spirits.  Lucky breaths fire (LED) from his mouth at the push of a button! Monsters will surely not disturb your child resting lest they feel the wrath of Lucky, the baby behemouh dragon-plush monster killer, bed time toy, evil spirit eradicator. Lucky is always looking for is dragon ball, place the ball in his hands and his tail wiggles with joy.  Luck will always be on your child’s bedside!

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    Animal Autopsy – Easter Bunny 


    AfterMath-printed circuit board


    Animal Autopsy 2 from Thai Le on Vimeo.
    Animal Autopsy 1 from Thai Le on Vimeo.

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    Rough plush concepts 

    Jousting Centaur

    The jousting centaur is built to engage in a joust competition with an opponent. Two pairs of wheels allow him to move forward/backward, turn left/right, which can be controlled with a gamepad. Striking the opponent in the chest earns the centaur points, logs for which are maintained online. He is equipped with a sensor to avoid bumping into obstacles.


    Personal cyborg

    Personal cyborg is a personable stress relieving device. Print or stick a picture of someone that really gets under your skin, on the encasement. When you're stressed out yell at it! The louder you scream it's eyes start glowing different colors and it starts shaking. It eventually starts crying blood and the eyes explode.


    Lemur ninja

    The lemur ninja alarm clock does harakiri if you use the snooze function to often. It squirts blood all over the place so you'd better wake up when the alarm goes off.


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    Animal Autopsy! 

    Here are the pictures and video from my animal autopsy!

    Pictures on Flickr

    Stuffed Animal Autopsy from Steve Varga on Vimeo.

  • Yury Gitman 12:21 am on April 14, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Plush Toy Proposals 



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