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    :: Final Deliverables :: 

    :: The Shy Turtle ::


    The Shy Turtle is intended to be used by a young toddler – ages 1-3. It
    is an interactive plush toy that uses the Arduino to output movement.
    The Shy Turtle is an educational tool intended to teach children how to
    be kind to animals and respectful of emotions. The turtle acts as an
    impetus for parents to talk to their children about emotions – both the
    turtle’s emotions (in this case “fear”), the child’s emotions, and the
    emotions of the people around them.

    :: My First Robot ::


    My First Robot is a “book” for young children (ages 1 – 3), intended as
    an introduction to sensory input and output. Designer, Kirsten
    Halterman created this book to excite children about small electronics
    and robots. This book gives parents a platform to discuss depth, sound,
    and touch.

    :: The Sea Light ::

    Sea Light

    The Sea Light is an artistic light source meant to inspire creativity
    and imagination. Designer, Kirsten Halterman, employed the arduino,
    several green and blue LEDs, and cover velum paper to achieve the soft
    diffusion of light. When turned on, the Sea Light is blue. As time passes, the green and
    blue lights fade in and out simulating tidal changes. The soft fading
    of green and blue lights emulate low tide while the fast paced blinking
    lights are meant to emulate high tide.


    Events I plan to submit to…

    Maker Faire
    Artists Wanted

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    Ira Goldberg / Final Post 

    Project 1: The Spine Of Scapula


    The spine of scapula is a LED decorative lamp is a handcrafted, unique product that combines electronic technology with old style and simple paper cuts.
    Relaxing colorful combination of LED lights scrolls up towards its elongated shape, and creates a dreamy relaxing atmosphere. 
    The lamp might be used vertically on the wall or be displayed horizontally on the desk.

    Size: 3.9”h x 39.3”w

    The Spine of Scapula from Ira Goldberg on Vimeo.

    Project 2: Cookies Monster


    Cookies Monster is an implementation project of IR sensor, speaker and Arduino board. AS long as the IR sensor is covered there is no sound. Don’t touch the cookies!

    Cookies Monster from Ira Goldberg on Vimeo.

    Project 3: Momi


    Momi is an interactive, plush toy designed for young children age 3-6.”Momi” makes the temperature reading process more pleasant and educational.
    Momi has a mechanic arm that moves up when the kid puts the real thermometer in his mouth, then red LEDs inside of Momi’s body lightening up accordingly to the kid’s body temperature.

    "Momi" from Ira Goldberg on Vimeo.



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    Nick Hardeman — Computation Projects 

    Project 1 – Nove Bit


    Nove Bit is an interactive 3 x 3 matrix that allows users to record
    sequences of light and save them as 9 bit memories. Nove Bit addresses
    human to computer interaction by allowing the user to physically input
    the memory as 9 bits, as opposed to the traditional 8 bit computer
    memory. Nove Bit also touches on the notion of a personal memory by
    recording a users’ thoughts in time and replaying them as a pattern of
    lights. The visual memories are stored as 9 bits, represented by a
    corresponding button. Compared to 8 bits, 9 bits also allows for a
    visually even distribution of the memory as a square. The “Nove”, which
    means nine in Italian, also references the Arduino Duemilnove, one of
    the two micro-controllers that control the unit.


    Nove Bit from Nick Hardeman on Vimeo.

    Featured on: Hackaday.com, someone also contacted me about making a Nove Bit Mini, and I said of course: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sOiAxwfLYM


    Project 2 – Squaremin


    “Squaremin ” name thanks to Collin Cunningham from his post at blog.makezine.com, this project is also featured on engadget.com.
    This battery powered electronic musical instrument is a descendant of
    the theremin and can be played without contact from the musician. This
    small instrument contains two infared (IR) sensors that measure
    proximity. One sensor controls the note, while the other controls the
    octave that is played through the speaker in the front. The tone is
    reflected by one of seven colors that illuminates the center area and
    highlights a small indicator located on the top panel.


    Squaremin – Narrated from Nick Hardeman on Vimeo.

    Featured on: Engagdet.com and blog.makezine.com, as well as, 48 other blogs. A full list can be seen here: http://nickhardeman.com/blog/?p=171


    Project 3 – Morning Monster


    The Morning Monster is a plush electronic alarm clock. He has all of the normal alarm functions, set time, set alarm, snooze, etc. However, what makes him a monster is his ability to shine the sun on your face when the alarm goes off by opening the blinds. The blinds are also manually controlled my moving his left arm up and down and he will never over-crank them!


    Morning Monster from Nick Hardeman on Vimeo.

    Featured on: I wrote to Rob Faludi because I used his open source code as a starting point and he wrote a post on his blog! This was also on make and arduinoshow.



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    Final Submissions 

    Ars Electronica

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    joe saavedra :: 3 computation studio projects 

    1. Luminosphere


    A mood-enhancing, tri-color, glowing light projection for dark spaces that exposes the beauty of additive  color synthesis. Luminosphere provides ever-changing blends of red, green, and blue light that is projected vertically out of a translucent white dome. For anyone who is afraid of the dark, or perhaps simply in need of a mood enhancement for any room, Luminosphere provides an extremely
    unique lighting alternative. Great in a bedroom, living room, hallway, or festive environment, Luminosphere creates ambiences that appeal to all ages and situations. Simply toggle the switch to the ‘on’ position, sitback and enjoy the atmosphere and ceiling projections created by Luminosphere.


    2.  Spatialized Umbrella


        •  The ‘raindrop’ samples play in a loop, each speaker playing their own
    unique raindrop. The LEDs light up the speaker playing at that moment.
    The tempo of the loop is controlled by a long-range Sharp Infrared range finder
    The closer an object is to you, the faster the loop plays. If an object
    is close enough and a threshold is reached, a lightning sequence is

    • Spatialized Umbrella was featured on the Hack-a-Day and Arduino Show blogs, as well as a few others.


    3. SOBEaR

    CIMG1657_800     • SOBEaR is a robot friend for anyone who does not know their own limits, or has problems controlling themselves.  SOBEaR has a breathalyzer which the user must blow into. Blood Acohol Content is displayed on a scale of 1 – 6 ( via green, yellow, red LEDs in his chest). Depending on how drunk you are (or aren’t) SOBEaR will pour you a drink appropriate for your current state. If you are sober, a shot of alcohol is poured, if you are very drunk, more mixer (cranberry juice) is served.  Too drunk, and only mixer will be poured.

    • SOBEaR was featured on ENGADGET, GIZMODO, MAKE, and TRENDHUNTER among nearly 100 other blogs. Here is my complete post.


    About the Author   


    Salutations! My name is Joe Saavedra, and I’m totally happy with the outcome of this class.  Everyone made great projects, lots of creativity, and tons of learning happened for everyone.  Phenomenal experience.  I also applaud everyone for getting posted on big blogs, we should be proud of ourselves, and we are only increasing MFA DT’s profile as this happens more and more. I’m super proud of everyone in this class, we have all come a long way!  Special thanks and CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Yury Gitman — and to the administration for providing lots of material and technology for us to play with.

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    Hello, my name is Myriam 


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    project 1 – Things will never be the same again. 


    Things will never be the same again are unique modern candles. 
    Made out of Wax and Leds, the light compositions imitating candles shivering are made upon command. 


    Things will never be the same again from maryam aboukhater on Vimeo.

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    project 2 – Maestro 



    Maestro is an instrument that plays electronic tones. The music is played by moving your hands in the air over sensors, and visualized in red light bulbs.
    By turning switches on and off, Maestro allows you to mix up to three different low to louder tones. You can also choose to leave Maestro play random tones by itself.


    Maestro from maryam aboukhater on Vimeo.

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    Project 3 – The balloon Girl 



    The Balloon Girl is a costume prototype proposal to contemporary dancers Zack Winokur and Michelle Mola

    Adding sensing experience and light effect to her original costume, the balloon girl is proposes a new way of dancing while enhancing the dancers' narrative.


    The Balloon Girl from maryam aboukhater on Vimeo.

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    Aries the Night Clock 

    Aries the night clock

    Aries the night clock from Thai Le on Vimeo.

    [password to video is name of event that yuri got us tickets for]

    Aries is a night clock that projects time on your wall or ceiling.  Use it to animate bedtime stories, help you fall asleep, explore shadow puppetry shapes or simlply tell the time.  Aries light box will boost imagination,  encourage experimentation and to brighten up any situation!

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    Nester the Baby Lockness Monster 



    Nester the Baby Lockness Super Hero from Thai Le on Vimeo.


    Nester the baby Lockness Monster is a super hero in training.  He is there to fight the bad guys, ghost and goblins that haunt your child’s bedroom. No closet or under-the-bed space is safe from Nester’s electric blue demon fighting eyes.  Never again will your child be afraid to go to the fridge or restroom in the middle of the night.  Press on Nester’s tail to wake him up.  Nester is also voice activated, so you can just  say “Nester!” and he will come to save the night. Nester can also dance to the sound of music. Set Nester next to a speaker and watch him dance like a supastar!

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    3rd Form Wave Visualizer 

    3 form wave visualizer   
    3 form wave visualizer   

    3rd form wave visualizer from Thai Le on Vimeo.

    3rd Form Wave Visualizer is a synesthesia project. It combines 3 wave forms that we encounter on a daily basis.  1. visible electromagnetic light waves 2. water waves 3. sound waves. These three wave forms are combined into one and projected on the wall surfaces to specifically to visualize how the songs we listen to appear in cymatic wave form. Users are also invited to explore this with a theremin sytle control knob. Unlike other cymatic projects, the actual speaker surface here is both the source of the sound and cymatic originator. From this clear (handmade) speaker surface, light is projected from beneath on to walls to visualize waves. I see this piece being expanded in to a larger set of 8 speakers surfaces. Each surface acting as a crossover and projecting only certain frequencies of a song. Together they will play in symphony to a musical piece.  All other elements of this piece will be removed from the installation so that all the observer sees is the clear speaker pieces.  Some people will have a hard time understanding where the sound is coming from. They will eventually realize that the water surface is creating the sound. This will serve as the magic of the project. Ideally I would like http://www.projectplaylist to be available at the installation so that viewers can look up their favorite song online and visualize it immediately. It is my wish to allow observers to visualize their favorite songs in a new visual way. Hopefully the cymatic projection will show them visually why they love certain songs so much.

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